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At present, world-class research universities are not only higher educational institutions that provide quality education, intellectual and cultural development, but also effective forms of integration of education, science and production, creating competitive human capital for the state. According to the development strategy of Al-Farabi KazNU, the educational process was modernized, the curricula were diversified (undergraduate-master-doctorate PhD) in order to harmonize the content of education with internationally recognized leading foreign universities.

Taking into account the opinion of employers, NJSC Al-Farabi KazNU has developed innovative educational and professional programs that meet international standards and ensure that students acquire the professional competencies they need, strengthen practical training and the scientific component that increase their competitiveness in the Kazakhstani and international labor markets.

In these programs, the vast majority of credits are allocated to the professional block of disciplines, which, in turn, consists of a STEM-forming module (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic), basic professional (mandatory) modules, a module of individual educational trajectories and an interdisciplinary module . Elective modules of individual educational trajectories account for about 25% of credits, which makes it possible to strengthen basic professional training.

In accordance with the program of transformation of NAO "KazNU named after Al-Farabi" into a research one, there is a tendency to reduce undergraduate educational programs (at the expense of pedagogical, providing training for secondary school teachers) with the simultaneous updating of educational programs at all levels.

At the same time, a steady growth in the number of students in postgraduate education programs was noted: master's and doctoral PhD programs from the total number of students. The number of master's and doctoral educational programs is twice the number of undergraduate educational programs, and the university occupies a leading position among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of the number of undergraduates and doctoral students.