Bachelor courses

Being a classical university, al-Farabi KazNU is an innovative center of development of higher professional and postgraduate education; it ensures the formation and professional development of competitive individuals at the basis of national and universal values, achievements of science and practice.

The main aim of the university is the maintenance of all necessary conditions for the obtainment of high-quality professional education by students.

Currently al-Farabi KazNU provides training of specialists on 64 undergraduate specialties.

In 2010 al-Farabi KazNU was the first in the Republic to obtain the right to a large-scale introduction of experimental educational graduate programs; this enabled the university to provide educational services at the global level.

The credit technology of education has been implemented in full scale. A corporate system named “UNIVER" has been launched; it involves all the teachers and students, provides daily monitoring of multiple parameters at all stages of the academic process and enables the growth of students' learning motivation, their academic achievements and interest in the practical application of knowledge at their future career.

The university also has its own Registrar’s Office in accordance with global practice of individual trajectory education. Students’ online enrollment to various disciplines is provided with the consultations of the Registrar’s Office and the Institute of advisors within “Univer” system.

The university has passed international accreditation on 10 programs of "ASIIN" Accreditation Company.