2.19. Employment of graduates

2.19.1.    The university considers successful employment of graduates as the main indicator of the efficiency of its educational activities. In order to ensure competitiveness and demand for KazNU graduates, the university encourages long-term multilateral cooperation with employers for maintaining the relevance of educational programs’ content to demands of the labor market; attracts practical trainers from employers’ community for conducting study sessions, including those taken on the base of external organizations, and for participation in final attestation of graduates.
2.19.2.    To facilitate employment of graduates there is the Career and Professional Development Center, which ensures involvement of employers to conducting various events at the university with the aim of informing students and graduates of KazNU about opportunities for job placement and professional internships.
2.19.3.    Faculties provide constant connection with the labor market through the Councils of Employers, formed of the faculty graduates. The faculty administration determines independently the authority and the activity plan for the Council of Employers, based on current and strategic goals of the faculty.
2.19.4.    The Academic Senate of the faculty at least twice a year analyzes the effectiveness of the Council of Employers with involvement of students and faculty members. Based on results of the analysis, the Academic Senate of the faculty makes recommendations, implementation of which should be monitored regularly by the methodological bureau of the faculty.     
2.19.5.    Students and graduates of the university have the opportunity to submit their CVs for consideration by potential employers, and to get information about available job proposals through the corporate "Youth and Career" portal.
2.19.6.    Students in higher education programs (bachelor's degrees) of pedagogical and medical specialties, whose study is funded in the framework of the state educational order, as well as graduate students (in master's and doctoral programs), who study on the basis of the state educational order, are subject to mandatory distribution at their graduating year of study to relevant organizations for mandatory labor repayment after graduation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2.19.7.    Graduating year students’ distribution is accomplished by specially created distribution commission, which works annually until June 1 of the calendar year.
2.19.8.    Graduate of each level of study should sign with his/her own hand the personal distribution statement. This statement is also signed by the Personal distribution commission and should be submitted to the Career and Professional Development Center until June 1 of the calendar year.  
2.19.9.    Exemption from labor repayment is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2.19.10.    Graduates, who have studied within the state educational order, and who do not wish to fulfill their obligations on labor repayment, are required to return to the Financial Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan all financial resources spent on their education. Otherwise, the Financial Center would enforce funds of the state budget, spent on their training, by judicial proceeding.