1.8. Students’ bureau on bologna process

The Students Bureau on Bologna Process (SBBP) is an independent organization of students that has been established at al-Farabi KazNU for the first time ever in Kazakhstan for the purposes of supporting students, protecting their interests and solving their academic problems.
SBBP is aimed at development and promotion of the policy of openness to comments and suggestions on the quality of education at KazNU.
The SBBP mission is to enhance development in al-Farabi KazNU students of self-dependence concerning matters of protection of their rights for quality education, as well as fostering students' ability to use educational services for development of intellectual potential and creativity of each student to the maximum extent possible.
Objectives of the organization:

  • making participation of students in the management of educational process more active through introduction of the policy of openness to comments and suggestions on the quality of education at the university and by direct involvement of students in creating their educational paths;
  • implementation of the policy of promoting quality education (sound academic background) through commitment to the culture of academic integrity; student participation in work of the faculty ethics commissions  in order to provide necessary help to students;
  • monitoring the quality of the knowledge acquiring process;
  • development of internal academic mobility;
  • support for foreign students;
  • ensuring maximum participation of students in international projects.

Within the framework of SBBP, there operates a one-of-a-kind student support center called "Advice".
“Advice” operates as a place of dialogue between students and administration; it also solves disputable matters and accepts suggestions and comments for improvement of the learning process. Each student can contact the "Advice" with various questions, both anonymously and personally.
The center is run by students, who have the academic policy of the University and other regulatory and legal acts regulating the field of education at their fingertips.