2.28. Payment for tuition and accommodation

2.28.1.    Tuition fee at KazNU is formed based on the costs of providing the educational process.
2.28.2.    The procedure of payment is regulated by the Contract for provision of educational services concluded between the student, the requestor of educational services and the University.
2.28.3.    Requestors of educational services are obliged to strictly comply with the terms of payment under the concluded contracts. Otherwise, the University has the right to suspend provision of educational services and even to expel the student from the educational program.
2.28.4.    The cost of one academic credit is set according to the concluded contract and remains unchanged for the entire period of the student’s study on the educational program.
2.28.5.    Dean of the faculty by his/her order restrains the students with debts in payment for accommodation in the university dormitory, from participation in the examination session.