University development strategy


Formation of personnel potential - competitive and in-demand experts in the national and international labor markets; achieving a qualitatively new level in the formation of national and world citizens as well as high standards in the sustainable development of society through the transfer and enhancement of knowledge. 


  - transformation of a national traditional university into a world-class research university;

  - integration of education, science and innovation;

  - formation of the University model 4.0;

  - providing high quality education for the further success of students and the formation of a competitive base of educational programs;

  - training of graduates with high personal and professional qualities that meet the requirements of the labor market.


Transformation from the classical national university into research university of a world class.

The development strategy of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University for 2021 years includes: 

Strategic direction 1         Excellent quality of education;
Strategic direction 2   
 Science and innovation are the result of world quality;
Strategic direction 3

Extension of the international cooperation.

Strategic direction 4 Improving educational and social work, youth involvement in the socio-economic development of the country;
Strategic direction 5   
Development of infrastructure and introduction of new information technologies;
Strategic direction 6 To improve the efficiency of financial and economic activities.