1.9. International cooperation

In 2003, Al-Farabi KazNU was the first among the universities of Central Asia to join the Magna Carta of Universities in Bologna, thereby indicating its integration into the international scientific and educational space.
Today, the university actively cooperates with 525 universities and research centers in 47 countries. Al-Farabi KazNU is a member of the International, European and Eurasian Associations of universities.
KazNU is a strategic partner of the UN Civilization Alliance and the Regional Hub for Sustainable Development in the framework of the UNITWIN UNESCO program.
KazNU was the first in Central Asia to be admitted to the International Consortium of Universities (WUC) (2014); Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) (2015); Organization COMSATS (2015); Alliance of Universities of the New Silk Road (New Silk Road Universities Alliance, China) and its Board of Directors (2015); Silk Road University Network (Silk-Road Universities Network, South Korea).
In the framework of international integration of science and education, KazNU has opened educational and research centers and laboratories of the world's high-tech companies «Hewlett-Packard», «Samsung», «Cisco», «Konica Minolta», «Microsoft», FUJITSU and others, where programs of additional professional education are being delivered.
The University has its representative offices in foreign countries (Joint Chemical Laboratory at the University of Rostock, Germany; KazNU Photochemistry Laboratory at the Karachi International Center, Pakistan; Kazakhstan Center at Beijing University of Foreign Languages) and al-Farabi Centers at foreign universities.
KazNU delivers joint bachelor's, master's and PhD programs with universities of Lorraine (France), La Sapienza (Italy), Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Russia), Kaunas University (Lithuania), Osaka University (Japan), Hankuk University (Korea), Valencia Polytechnic University of Spain and other universities.
The purpose of the international Kazakh-French Center "Geo-energetics", which operates within the university, is to educate the Kazakhstani scientific elite in the field of geology and extraction of energy resources through training students in joint master’s and doctoral programs with awarding of Kazakh and French diplomas.
Al-Farabi KazNU is a member of consortia of the two international network universities - the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Network Open University of the Commonwealth of Independent States (NU CIS).