Scientific and methodical council

1. General Provisions

1. Scientific-Methodical Board (further on- Board) is a collegial consultative advisory body of management, a centre for discussion of scientific-methodical and educational issues of the University activity and organizations of scientific-methodical manuals.

2. The Board is responsible for determination of the directions and mechanisms of quality management of higher and post-graduate education, assistance to the structural subdivisions to introduce the principles of quality management. As well, the Board gives recommendations on introduction of new of organization and management technologies into educational process.

3. The recommendations of the Board in particular cases are submitted to the Scientific Board for consideration and approval.

2. The main tasks of the Board

4. The main tasks of the Board are:

1) to organize monitoring of the quality of methodological support of the educational process;

2) to plan, take expertise and recommend educational, educational-methodical and scientific-methodical literature, manuals to be published;

3) methodological support and enhancement of the educational process at University;

4) compilation and dissemination of best practices for organization and development of educational-methodical and scientific-methodical activity;

5) to develop the system of updating qualification, retraining and certificating the pedagogical and scientific stuff, to analyze the content of educational process;

6) to prepare recommendations on the development of the quality management system and introduction the results of methodical manuals into the educational process;

7) to coordinate University methodical activities ;

8) to organize the introduction of new technologies into educational process and improvement of existing technologies, methods, training means ;

9) to organize the activity of creative (permanent and temporary) of educational-methodical centers for teachers;

10) to coordinate the development of scientific-methodical potential of the pedagogical staff;

11) to work out proposals on the issues to develop the educational system and forming the foreground directions for its fulfillment;

12) to take part in certificating the pedagogical staff and other employees of University.

3. The main directions of the activity of the Board.

5. The main directions of the activity of the Board are:

1) to organize the expertise of curriculum and academic programs;

2) to considerate and coordinate plans of methodical bureaus of faculties;

3) to discuss and approve methodical complex of disciplines;

4) to consider the questions of educational-methodical providing the training process at University.

5) to discuss and propose the development of regulatory and legal documents, relating to the issues of methodological support of university;

6) to organize the development of textbooks, training manuals, including the electronic versions and didactical materials.

7) to discuss proposals to develop the list of specialties on the basis of forecasting the foreground directions of scientific and manufacturing technologies;

8) to consider the issues of implementation of different forms of methodological activity, directing on the development of the educational process and assistance to the pedagogical stuff;

9) to consider and approve the catalogue of disciplines;

10) to confirm prerequisites and postrequisites;

11) to coordinate and approve annual plans of the activity of methodological bureaus;

12) making up and expertise testing tasks and other forms of controlling students’ knowledge.

13) the issues of methodological support of students independent work and their independent work under the control of the teachers;

14) organization of workshops, conferences, meetings to develop educational-methodological and scientific-methodological work.

4. The procedure for election and activity of the Board

6. The Board consists of the representatives of the departments, professors, Methodists, heads of methodological units, heads of structural subdivisions on training the qualification, retraining and certificating the stuff, the deputies of head of the educational institution. The composition of the Council is confirmed by the disposal of the head of the educational institution.

7. The activity of the Board is carried out by the deputy of the head of the educational institution on the academic process.

8. A secretary is elected among the members of the Board.

9. The activity of the Board is carried out in accordance with the annual plan, adopted at the meeting of the Board and confirmed by the head of the institution.

10. A meeting of the Board is held at least once in two months.

11. The recommendations of the Board are adopted and registered in the minutes of the meeting by the results of the considered issues at the meeting of the Board by the majority of present votes.

12. The board is considered authorized, if not less than two-thirds of its members are present.

13. A chairman reports the results of the activity to the Scientific Council of the educational institution once a year.

14. Each member of the Board must attend all the meetings, to take an active part in its work, he must fulfill all the mandates in time and accurately.