PhD courses

 Kazakh National University is a recognized leader among universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the preparation of highly qualified scientific personnel - doctors of philosophy (PhD). Kazakh National University among the first universities in Central Asia joined the Great Charter of Universities and completely transited to a modern three-tier system of training "Bachelor-Master - Doctorate PhD".

The first experimental PhD programs were developed in 2005 in cooperation with scientists from leading universities. Today the preparation of PhD doctorate degree in Kazakh National University is successfully realized in cooperation with more than 450 of the world's largest universities. It is a member of the International, European and Eurasian Associations of Universities. More than 100 universities of Europe, North America and Asia and foreign scientists are involved in preparation of PhD doctors.

Educational programs of doctoral degree of KazNU is realized on scientific and pedagogical directions of training and provide an in-depth specialized training that subsequently enables graduates to engage successfully in scientific, educational, administrative and expert activities.

Study at doctorate degree at KazNU involves active research work, participation in research projects of the University under the direction of the leading experts in the priority areas of science and practice.

Implementation of educational programs to doctorate degree is carried out in close collaboration with leading foreign educational and scientific institutions. Opportunity to work with two scientific advisors (domestic and foreign) allows doctoral students fundamental training in his/her chosen field, along with the ability to use the latest developments in the field of science in their research.