2.13. Classes attendance

2.13.1.    Students of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University must attend all types of academic sessions in accordance with the approved schedule. It is not allowed to miss classes without an acceptable reason, proved by suitable documents.
2.13.2.    These are acceptable reasons for missing classes: medical reasons, confirmed by a 095 / y medical certificate, submitted to the dean's office within 3 days after discharge from medical institution; going on a foreign study or business trip, confirmed by the trip order; death of close relatives; participation in sports and other events at the republican level with the consent of the university administration; as well as documented force majeure circumstances.
2.13.3.    Students who have missed 36 or more hours of study without an acceptable reason during one academic period (semester) are subject to expulsion from the University for violating rules of the academic policy of the university.
2.13.4.    Students who do not attend classes for more than 5 weeks due to illness should inform their adviser and instruct a trusted person to make registration for academic leave for health reasons. Otherwise, they are subject to expulsion from the University for violating the rules of academic policy.
2.13.5.    The approved schedule of study sessions may be changed at the written request of students with the prior approval of the discipline instructor no later than during the first two weeks of the academic period (semester).
2.13.6.    To get grade points, a student, who missed less than 50% of classes, may apply for permission to work off study sessions that he/she has missed due to an acceptable reason. To do this, the student submits an application to the dean of the faculty with attachment of supporting documents (a 095 / y medical certificate of exemption from classes, or an abstract of medical record, or a copy of the order, or a copy of the death certificate, etc.). The individual schedule of working off missed classes should be approved by the dean’s order.
2.13.7.    If a student misses more than 50% of study sessions on a discipline, he/she is automatically graded "F" ("unsatisfactory") and is not allowed to the final assessment on the discipline.
2.13.8.    A student who has missed more than 50% of study sessions should re-register for studying this discipline in the next or summer semester on a paid basis.
2.13.9.    Al-Farabi Kazakh National University allows the use of distance education technologies for study of:

  • persons with special educational needs (for health reasons);
  • persons who are on a long-term international trip;
  • external students of additional education programs, delivered in the mode of blended education (mixed learning) and MOOC (mass open online courses);
  • students of joint educational programs with foreign partner universities;
  • students of shortened educational programs on the base of college or first higher education (if there is a regular study group).

In this case, educational interaction of students with instructors of disciplines is carried out with the use of information and communication technologies.
2.13.10.    It is also allowed to study some disciplines in the format of mass open online courses, including general compulsory disciplines, on the basis of decision of the Academic Senate of the faculty or the University.
2.13.11.    To register for training with the use of distance learning technologies (DLT), a student submits an application addressed to the Vice-rector for Academic affairs signed by the head of graduating chair and the dean of the faculty. Transfer to training with the use of DLT is made by order of the rector of the University.
2.13.12.    For delivery of education with the use of DLT, there is the appointed educational programs coordinator (DLT coordinator), who is a faculty of staff member, not holding a senior management position. DLT coordinator organizes activity of faculty and staff participating in the educational process with the use of online learning and distance education technologies:       

  • MOODLE distance education system (СДО MOODLE –dl.kaznu.kz);
  • on educational platforms of massive open online courses (open.kaznu.kz, moocs.kz).

2.13.13.    DLT coordinator:

  • prepares the Faculty roadmap on development of online education and use of distance learning technologies in the educational process (the Roadmap);
  • ensures fulfillment of activities prescribed by the Roadmap;
  • provides technical and methodical support to faculty members and students concerning their work on educational platforms and in the Moodle system.

2.13.14.    An online course tutor, who is a faculty or staff member, not holding a senior management position, provides direct supervision of the study with the use of open.kaznu.kz, moocs.kz platforms.
2.13.15.    Students, who have returned from a foreign trip on academic mobility, and have got academic backlog caused by this trip, submit applications to the dean of the faculty for study of relevant disciplines in accordance with the individual training schedules. At the same time, they must pass final exams on the academic backlog disciplines no later than 5 days before the beginning of the next academic period.
2.13.16.    If the planned trip finishes after the start of the next academic semester, and the student is supposed to miss more than 5 weeks of learning sessions, it is necessary to transfer to distance study of the next semester courses before departure.