2.23. Expulsion of students from the university and permission for academic leave

2.23.1.    A student of  al-Farabi KazNU can be expelled from the university:

  • due to poor academic performance;
  • due to missing 36 or more hours of study in one semester without an acceptable reason;
  • due to violation of the Academic Integrity Rules;
  • due to violation of the Rules of Internal Code of Conduct, the Charter of Al-Farabi KazNU and the Code of Student’s Honor;
  • due to violation of the terms of contract for provision of educational services, including non-payment of tuition fees;
  • due to not concluding the contract for provision of educational services for the repeated year of study;  
  • at the student's own will;
  • due to transfer to another higher educational institution.

2.23.2.    Students of bachelor, master's and doctoral educational programs, whose study was funded by the state educational order, would lose their educational grants when expelled from the university (with exemption of those who transfer to another educational institutions).
2.23.3.    Students of Al-Farabi KazNU may apply for the academic leave for the following reasons:

  • medical reasons confirmed by the conclusion of a medical consultation commission at an outpatient-polyclinic organization; the leave can last from 6 to 12 months; persons with tuberculosis may get the leave for a period up to three years;
  • calling up for military service;
  • birth or adoption of a child; the leave might last until the child is three years of old.

2.23.4.    To receive the academic leave, the student provides relevant documents and fills in the application form at the Student’s office at the Keremet Student Service Center.
2.23.5.    After returning from the academic leave, the student will be re-enrolled to the cohort of students by order of the rector upon submission of a personal application. At this time, he/she would be registered for educational disciplines of the corresponding year of study of the current curriculum of the educational program.
2.23.6.    To eliminate the difference between curricula of the educational program, the student should register for the disciplines of academic deficiency and study them during the first year of study after the academic leave, either by joining current study groups, or within the additional semester of study.
2.23.7.    Students after academic leave would be given the opportunity to study disciplines of the occurred academic deficiency free of charge once until the end of the academic year. At the end of the academic year, not studied disciplines of academic deficiency would be transferred into disciplines of academic debt, further study of which can be accomplished only a paid basis only.
2.23.8.    Students returned from academic leave, whose study is funded within the state educational order, will be awarded the state scholarship based on the results of intermediate attestation of the results of the first academic period after returning from academic leave, if they eliminate their academic deficiency.
2.23.9.    For expulsion from KazNU at his/her own will, the student submits an electronic application using "E-services" on his/her personal page in the "UNIVER" system. Expulsion of students is conducted twice a month.
2.23.10.    Within 10 calendar days after signing of the order of expulsion, the Student's Office shall issue to the expelled persons academic certificates of not completed higher / postgraduate education.