2.5. Faculty committee on quality of education

2.5.1.    Faculty committee on the quality of education (Quality Committee) is aimed at providing multidimensional monitoring and support of the educational policy of the faculty.
2.5.2.    Committee on the quality of education is concerned with increasing of outcome and efficiency of the educational process at the faculty.
2.5.3.    Personal composition of the committee consists of respected faculty members with at less 10-15 years of professional experience, as well as of employers, students and graduates.  
2.5.4.    Responsibilities of the committee on the quality of education:

  • participation in organizing and monitoring of external and internal conditions and state of the educational process at the faculty for timely detection of deviations from the established standards concerning the quality of education;
  • analysis of origins of deviations, working out proposals on correction actions and measures for prevention of appearance of inappropriate outcomes in training of specialists at all levels (on improvement of study plans and educational programs; on enhancement of qualification of faculty and other staff, as well as on informational, technical and other kinds of provision);
  • assessment of quality of methodical provision of educational process; making internal evidence-based quality assessment of the efficiency of educational programs; identification of the level of consistency of educational programs to the labor market demands; working out recommendations on improvement of educational programs;
  • dealing with issues concerning dissatisfaction of students with quality of provided educational services;
  • making suggestions on improvement of the educational policy of the faculty;
  • considering cases of academic dishonesty by students and faculty members.

2.5.5.    The committee examines issues of the quality of education as often as required, but not less than once a semester. All committee meetings should be recorded by protocols. Report on the Committee’s work is to be reviewed on a meeting of the Academic Senate of the faculty.