2.4. Academic council (scientific-methodological council)

2.4.1.    Academic Council of al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Scientific-Methodological Council) is a collegiate advisory body in the management of educational process of the university, a center of discussions on scientific- methodical and study issues of the university activities and organization of scientific and methodical projects.  
2.4.2.    Academic Council sets regulatory and organizational bases of educational activities.
2.4.3.    Academic Council works towards defining directions and mechanisms for:

  • management of the quality of higher and postgraduate professional education;
  • increasing quality of the educational process;
  • development of educational programs based on the competency-oriented approach in accordance with professional standards, demands of employers and needs of students;
  • assistance to structural divisions of the university in realization of quality management principles and result-oriented management;

The council makes recommendations on implementation of new technologies of organization and management of educational process.
2.4.4.    Academic Council of al-Farabi Kazakh National University reports on its activity to Academic Senate of al-Farabi Kazakh National University. In some particular cases, the Council submits its recommendations for consideration and approval of the Academic Senate or University Administration.
2.4.5.    The Chairperson of the Academic Council of al-Farabi Kazakh National University is Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, its deputy chairperson is director of the Department of Academic Affairs.
2.4.6.    The University rector approves personal composition of the Council.
2.4.7.    Responsibilities of the Academic Council:

  • organization of the quality management system for specialists’ preparation
  • development of regulatory and methodological supplementation of the educational process;
  • monitoring the external and internal conditions and the state of educational process in the university for timely revealing of tendencies and detecting deviations from the strategic goals concerning the quality of student education;
  • monitoring of the university educational programs’ modernization, of improvement of the methodology of educational programs launching principles;
  • summarizing and dissemination of advanced experience on organization and development of methodology of scientific and educational activities;
  • improving of the staff development, retraining and attestation system; analysis of the content of educational process.