Department of Academic Affairs

The main goals of the Department of Academic Affairs are:

  1. The organization and management of the study process which is based on the credit system of learning.
  2. Constant improving of the learning process, and also improving the quality of the educational services
  3. Development and the unique approach to the process of learning
  4. Further improving the effectiveness of the ranking system of controlling knowledge (current, intermediate (рубежный) and final control of knowledge)
  5. The improving of the choosing disciplines system
  6. Providing the newest scientific achievements, equipments, technological innovations to the learning process
  7. Constant development of the entire educational programs in all types of study process
  8. The preparation of high-qualified bachelors, masters and PhD, with a high competitiveness not only inside Kazakhstan but Worldwide in general
  9. To provide the leading position of university by the provision of educational services among the universities of Kazakhstan and KazNU entry to the World Educational System

The main activity of the Departments for Academic Affairs implements according to the main principles of Bologna reforms and develop the main advantages in credit educational system.