1.4. University development strategy

Development strategy of al-Farabi Kazakh National University for 2017-2021 was created in 2017. The university development strategy includes its mission, vision, priority development areas, strategic goals and objectives of the university for 2017-2021 (http://www.kaznu.kz/ru/14960/page/).
The goal of the university is to enter the TOP-200 leading research universities in the world and become a locomotive of progressive economic, social and cultural transformations in the society.

  • transformation from a traditional type national university to a world-class research university;
  • integration of education, science and innovation;
  • establishment of the University of 4.0 model;
  • ensuring high quality education for future success of students and formation of a competitive body of educational programs;
  • educating graduates with high personal and professional qualities that meet requirements of the labor market.

The university's activities are aimed at accomplishment of the following objectives:

  • formation of the human capacity for innovative sectors of the economy;
  • launching of innovative educational programs that are necessary for the country's economy;
  • enrollment of international students, development of academic mobility programs for students, faculty members and staff, and promotion of global educational standards for the international recognition of diplomas;
  • diversification of financial activities, and commitment to the multichannel financing;
  • integration of research elements into all educational programs, and creation of modern infrastructure for the large-scale interdisciplinary research;
  • participation in multidisciplinary international research networks aimed at solving global problems of humankind;
  • modernization of the university infrastructure for advanced research and active involvement of young people in scientific, educational and innovative activities.