2.31. Feedback

2.31.1.    The University considers feedback as one of the most effective mechanisms to ensure the quality of the educational process and student satisfaction.
2.31.2.    The University has a permanent monitoring system for educational activities, including several types of research, results of which are used to analyze educational activities and develop measures to correct and improve the organization of the scientific and educational process in the university:

  1. The questionnaire "Instructor from the eyes of students" is conducted annually at the end of autumn and spring semesters;
  2. “Evaluation of the course effectiveness” is conducted at the end of each academic course;
  3. Sociological survey of the Al-Farabi KazNU graduates "Support Your Alma Mater" is conducted annually;
  4. “Student Satisfaction Survey” based on QS University Rankings Methodology (Student satisfaction) is conducted annually;
  5. Questioning of faculty members "Instructor from the eyes of colleagues" is carried out annually;
  6. Questioning “Curator-adviser from the eyes of students” is conducted annually;
  7. Questioning “Social Adaptation of the First-Year Students” is conducted annually.

2.31.3.    In the framework of surveys main assessments are made using the 5-point scale (where "1" is the lowest score and "5" corresponds to the highest score).
2.31.4.    Surveys are conducted using the “UNIVER” corporate system, providing the opportunity to form differentiated results and reporting materials in the context of all structural divisions of the university
2.31.5.    Organization of surveys and processing of results are carried out by the Center for Sociological Research of the University.
2.31.6.    Participation of students and university staff in the surveys is voluntary.
2.31.7.    Participation in online surveys using other people's logins is not permitted and is regarded as a violation of the rules of academic integrity.
2.31.8.    Students, faculty and staff members of the University have the right to submit at any time their comments, complaints and proposals on any questions related to the organization and quality of the scientific and educational process at the university through oral or written appeals to the responsible persons.
2.31.9.    The authorized officials or commissions and councils review the appeals in accordance with the established procedure. Ignoring requests from the university students, faculty and staff members by authorized officials would be regarded as non-performance of functional duties and might be a reason for administrative action by the university's management.