2.32. Quality of education assurance system

2.32.1.    The quality of education assurance system at the al-Farabi KazNU is based on European standards and Directives of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).
2.32.2.    The University has the policy of quality assurance of education and documented procedures on the quality management system, which determine the required level of quality of provided educational services and ensure its achievement.
2.32.3.    Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of educational services at the University are carried out by the Center for Accreditation and Quality of Educational programs.
2.32.4.    Interaction with international and local accreditation agencies and implementation of activities on institutional and specialized accreditation for improving the quality of the university educational programs are carried out by the Accreditation and Licensing Office.
2.32.5.    Accreditation is the main instrument of ensuring quality of education.  
2.32.6.    Accreditation is a special procedure, when the quality is assessed not by a state body, but by an expert group, which consists of representatives of academic community, employers, students and professional associations.
2.32.7.    The university performs the external assessment procedure by undergoing an international accreditation for ensuring quality of educational programs in accordance with European standards and recommendations for сontinious quality assurance.  
2.32.8.    To increase quality of educational programs the university actively interacts with international and local accreditation agencies and organizations, arranges and organizes activities for accreditation of educational programs.
2.32.9.    The University sees international accreditation as a means of promoting international reputation and collaboration, as well as a mechanism for setting up a more sustainable connection with the international labor market, which would provide advantages for the university graduates on employment at local and interanional markets.
2.32.10.    Rate of the university educational programs, successfully accredited by international accreditation agencies, should be at least 90%.
2.32.11.    The University develops and implements the strategy for improving the quality of education within the framework of the Strategy for the development of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
2.32.12.    The administration, faculty and staff members and students of the University are required to adhere to the academic policy requirements and approved standards, regulations, procedures and regulations in all activities related to:

  • organization of the scientific and educational process;
  • delivery of scientific and educational process (including processes of learning and attestation);
  • admission of students;
  • selection and hiring of  faculty and staff members;
  • development, examination and approval of educational programs;
  • information and material and technical support of scientific and educational process;
  • monitoring and analysis of information on the progress of the scientific and educational process at the university;
  • organization of interaction with external and internal stakeholders;
  • communicating to the general public the progress of the scientific and educational process in the university.

2.32.13.    To ensure quality of the educational process, quality committees are established at each faculty, responsible for monitoring the quality of development and implementation of educational programs and for submitting methodological recommendations to the graduating chairs and to the Academic Senate of the faculty.