2.1. Purpose and objectives of academic policy

The academic policy of the university determines the system of relationships between all participants of the educational process aimed at fulfilling the university mission. The university is independent in determining prospects for its own development and implementation of goals, and operates under conditions of internationalization that is a key trend in development of the global system of higher and postgraduate education.
The aim of the university is to train competitive specialists with sufficient knowledge able both to assimilate new objects of knowledge and to generate new knowledge. The university graduates should have a well-formed repertoire of competencies that meet needs of employers; they should be able to articulate production tasks in a professional language and solve them using modern technologies; they should possess an active citizenship based on the ideas of peace, kindness and justice.
 Goals of KazNU:

  • improvement and updating of the substantive, motivational, value components of educational programs, which are a means of targeted formation of a competitive graduate, who will be a good specialist ready for continuous professional growth, social and professional mobility;
  • delivery of educational programs based on the synthesis of educational and research activities as a means of developing the scientific component of the educational programs and as a necessary condition for disclosure of the personal research potential of a specialist, ready for productive research activities;
  • implementation of programs of interaction with employers on the issues related to target preparation of specialists; determination of qualification requirements for graduates in the form of a system of professional competencies for specific industry; participation in development of educational programs; organization and supervising of practical training of students in the real sector, etc.;
  • integration of values of the academic culture of the university into all spheres of educational activity as a natural environment for the formation of personality of the university graduate: a patriot with leadership qualities, able to make decisions and positively influence the society; competent, responsible, morally educated; a real professional in own occupation, well-informed about related fields of activity, capable of accomplishing effective professional activity at the level of international standards;
  • strengthening of the position of the university as a subject of the global education system, which is accredited by international agencies, involved in implementation of joint training programs for specialists, and capable of exporting educational services.

Fulfillment of the mission, achievement of the goals and solution of the tasks are achievable, if there is a harmonious system of interdependent measures, rules, processes and procedures of planning and management of educational activities of the university.
Comprehensive planning and management of the educational activity is ensured by the system of principles aimed at its modernization in order to comply with international standards for higher and postgraduate education. Core principles determine the content of academic policy and the means of its implementation.