1.1 Mission of the University

Mission of al-Farabi Kazakh National University is cultivation of human resources by educating competitive specialists, highly demanded in the national and international labor markets, as well as achievement of a qualitatively new effect in upbringing of citizens of the country and the world, and contribution to sustainable development of the society through transfer and increase of knowledge.
The university’s goal is to be a locomotive of progressive economic, social and cultural transformations in the society, to cultivate human resources for domestic and Eurasian labor markets in accordance with their needs and prospects for the development of the country and the region. It is aimed at promoting implementation of innovative technologies into all spheres of the country's activities through commercialization of the results of scientific research by the university's scientists, and providing increase of the nation’s amount of education, of its intellectual, cultural, and moral potential.
The University operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” dated July 27, 2007, “On Science” dated February 18, 2011, and "On Commercialization of Scientific and/or Scientific and Technical Activities" dated October 31, 2015, and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating educational and scientific activities, as well as the Charter of al-Farabi Kazakh National University.