About activities of institutes

An educational process in SRI

An educational process fully realize in accordance with Academic politics of KazNU and all regulating educational activity normative documents:

· approved by the principal master and doctoral training plans separately for the Research Institute according to the educational programs;

· formed contingent and training groups, the database entered in "Univer" system, individual folders of students gather at the Center for Postgraduate Education;

· Scientific Research Institute formed state employees involved in implementing educational programs distributed teaching load, the plant on the relevant departments and faculties KazNU, enter all informations SRI’s teachiring staff on the "Univer" system;

· approved by the theme of dissertation research, graduate supervisors, domestic and foreign doctoral advisers at meetings of the Academic Research Institute councils in accordance with the internal regulations of KazNU. The final order approving beyond the signature of the rector KazNU;

· the agreement on paid education services - three-way between KazNU, research institutes and doctoral student, doctoral student at the conclusion of binding to work at the Institute of 3 years;

academic year on the programs carried out with the full implementation of curricula, research masters and doctoral work, exam sessions, scientific training of students, etc

· signed a Memorandum - Tripartite Agreement with the foreign consultants, doctoral students, a schedule of their visit to give lectures and consultations. 7 visits planned for 2016 (introduced on the financing of KazNU leadership);

· Classes are held in a specially allocated for training audiences in "Gylym Ordasy" and used every opportunity for additional complex forms of learning, independent work, carrying out various scientific and social events, consulting scientists, scientific seminars.

Integration of research activities is the most effective in terms of "tangibility" of its results. SRI scientists are participants of various scientific forums at the University, supervise dissertations masters and doctoral penalty (in addition to the contingent of the project), are included in the compositions of dissertation councils at the University, etc. This greatly facilitates the interchange of research results, the involvement of young people trained in the most advanced research. A number of leading, well-known at home and abroad, scientists from the Institute conduct their own scientific seminars in the departments of Treasury (eg, having a large enough history Scientific Workshop on academician TS Kalmenova mechmath KNU).