2.20. Academic mobility and credit transfer

2.20.1.    For implementation of one of the key principles of the Bologna process, the principle of promoting academic mobility, al-Farabi KazNU encourages training or research during some academic period in another organization of education and science (local or foreign one) with obligatory transfer of credits earned for educational and / or research work done.
2.20.2.    Academic mobility is carried out in the form of educational or scientific internships.
2.20.3.    Educational (academic) internship is studying, advanced training or retraining within the frame of student’s individual study plan or an international educational program (including joint ones), which indicates the disciplines that are supposed to be studied in another local or foreign university.
2.20.4.    Scientific (research) internship is collecting and analyzing theoretical and/or empirical scientific information and materials or writing a thesis, dissertation, special monograph and / or preparing a textbook, study guide, etc. using library collections and other resources of other universities and countries.
2.20.5.    There are several types of academic mobility: individual, group (collective, under guidance of an instructor, or independently as a member of a group), internal (within the country) academic mobility, external (international) academic mobility, incoming (international) academic mobility, short-term academic mobility (from 10 days up to 4 months) and long-term academic mobility (more than from 4 months to 1 year).
2.20.6.    Credit mobility is students’ moving for a limited period of study or internship abroad, while remaining enrolled to the educational program at home university, with the aim of earning academic credits (after the mobility phase, students return to their home university to finish their studies).
2.20.7.    KazNU students have the right to go abroad for educational, scientific internships in foreign higher education institutions.
2.20.8.    Academic mobility of students at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is carried out in the framework of inter-university agreements / memorandums or joint projects: a tripartite agreement / agreement between student, sending and receiving universities for the internal academic mobility, and an invitation for the international academic mobility.
2.20.9.    Sending for participation in academic mobility in the framework of programs funded by the state budget is carried out in accordance with the Rules of forwarding for study abroad, including academic mobility.
2.20.10.    The student chooses period for the stay at another organization and list of disciplines for study with subsequent transfer of credits under a credit mobility program with the consent of the graduating chair, taking into account the curriculum of the KazNU educational program.
2.20.11.    Transfer of credits is recognition of the equivalence of the volume and content of disciplines or research work studied / conducted by the student in another educational institution, to disciplines / research program of the curriculum of the educational program of KazNU. At credit transfer, credits and grades on these disciplines / research are recorded in the transcript of the student in the UNIVER system, based on the document (transcript) from the organization, which the student had visited under the academic mobility program.
2.20.12.    Credit transfer is carried out by the University Registrar's Office on the basis of the student's application and proposal of the graduating chair with supporting documents.
2.20.13.    Graduating chair is responsible for fair evaluation of equivalence of the volume and content of studied disciplines or research work done to the requirements of the KazNU curriculum.
2.20.14.    The final document confirming the student’s training on the mobility program is transcript or its equivalent in the hosting country. Transcript contains information on the training program: names of the disciplines (modules), grades, number of credits earned.
2.20.15.    The maximum number of credits allowed for transfer for disciplines studied in other national universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan within mobility programs should not exceed 20% of the curriculum in one academic year. It is not allowed to transfer credits on disciplines studied at universities other than national, except Nazarbayev University.
2.20.16.    The maximum number of credits allowed for transfer from foreign educational organizations is specified individually, taking into account the ranking of the particular foreign university and the profile of the educational program.
2.20.17.    Regardless of the source of funding of academic or credit mobility, an appropriate order for staying at another university should be issued at least 10 days before the start of the corresponding semester of study.
2.20.18.    To participate in the international credit mobility, the command of foreign language at the level demanded by the host educational institution is required.