2.29. Transparency of the educational process

2.29.1.    Organization of the university’s educational process is based on ethical standards and principles of openness, transparency and objectivity.
2.29.2.    The university faculty members are obliged to:

  • ensure consistently high quality of education;
  • ensure availability of educational materials on taught disciplines;
  • ensure objective assessment regardless of its forms and types;
  • perceive intelligently criticism from colleagues and students and use it for self-improvement.

2.29.3.    The university administration is obliged to implement measures for ensuring maximum transparency, openness, objectivity and accessibility of the educational process.
2.29.4.    Any forms of discrimination, including those of social, racial, gender, ethnic, or religious ground, are prohibited at the university.
2.29.5.    The university is committed to the principles of inclusive education for ensuring equal access to education for all population groups.