Faculty of Philology and World Languages



Dear students! 

     The faculty of philology and world languages which was founded by the greatest people of our nation, M.Auezov, A.Margulan, B.Kenzhebaev, M.Balakaev, has a great  history and  traditions. The faculty has been existing since 1937.    Mukhtar Auezov, the academician, the writer and   the classic of Kazakh literature whose works are well-known around the world had been  working  at the faculty for about 30 years.

     In different years of  our country the famous scholars worked at  the faculty.  They are the academician and the writer  Zeinolla Kabdolov, the doctor of philology, professor Tursinbek Kakishev,  the academician Rymgaly Nurgaly, the doctors  of philology and  professors Kaken Ahanov, Hairolla Mahmudov, Maiya Bagyzbaeva, Talgat Sairambaev, Alma Kiraubaeva. They are distinguished teachers  the teachers who we respect and will always remember.

     There were some famous public figures among the students who graduated the faculty of philology and world languages. They are: Myrzatay Zholdasbekov, Abish Kekilbaev, Nurlan Orazalin, Ualihan Kalizhanuly, Zhanseit Tuimebaev, Aldan Smail. The faculty is always proud of writer-graduates who have  hold    the honored place in Kazakh literature and culture. They are  Abdizhamal Nurpeisov, Azilhan Nurshaikov, Mukhtar Magauin, Kabdesh Zhumadilov, Kadir Myrza-Ali, Tumanbay Moldagaliev, Dulat Isabekov, Beksultan Nurzhekeev.

     Today the  students of the faculty of philology and world languages have all facilities  to study and live at the university campus which is called KazGUGrad.  The campus  is situated at  the foothills of the  Alatau. Nowadays the faculty has six departments, five of them: Department of Kazakh linguistics, Department of Kazakh literature and literary theory, Department of Russian philology and world literature, Department of general philology and European languages, Department of translation studies and foreign philology are graduate chairs which train future specialists.  Department of foreign languages teaches world languages at the university’s faculties. Also the faculty closely cooperates  with creative unions and scientific-research institutes where the students of the facluty of philology  and world languages do their practical training.

    The scholars who are well-known  in our country and abroad  work at  the  institutes and laboratories. They are: the doctor of philology, professors Rakysh Amir, Berikbai Sagyndykuly, Eleanora Suleimenova, Svetlana Ashimhanova, Zhangara Dadebaev, Zhumat Tilepov, Zeinol-Gabden Beisengaly, Aslan Zhaksylykov, Bayan Zholdasbekova, Temirgaly Esembekov, Guldarhan Smagulova, Gulmira Madieva, Alma Abdulina, Olga Abisheva, Anuar Tarakov, Anar Salkynbai, Dina Alkebaeva, Olga Altynbekova, Alua Temirbolat, Zhanar Ibraeva.

     The faculty cooperates with many foreign educational institutions. Much attention is  paid to  academic mobility.  In the academic year of in 2016-2017 the following foreign professors: Snodrgas N.(USA), Sat Agbo(Canada), Margaret Dorline(Holland), Hankock M.(USA), Anatoly Kim(Russia), Rafael Velez-Nunez(Spain), Nuse M.(France), Najie Yldyz(Turkey), Edgar Hoffman (Austria) were delivering their lectures for the facluty students.  26 students from the USA were studying at the faculty within the program: "Flagman". At the moment the students from China, Korea, Turkey, Germany and other countries are studying at the faculty. The faculty offers double-diploma programs for master students and PhD students:  the joint  program  with the Russian University of People's Friendship (Russia)  and the  University of Granada  (Spain). The students studying in  the  specialty: two foreign languages can study without paying at  the Vienna University of Economy and Business (Salzburg, Austria), Beijing Foreign Studies University(China), Pecs University (Hungary),  the University of Human Resources (Hungary), Nottingham University (Malaysia), Gazi University (Turkey), M.  Lomonosov  Moscow State University (Russia).

    The students, graduate students and doctorate students are sent to do their internships  to Utrecht University ( Amsterdam, Holland),  Istanbul  University (Turkey), Humboldt University (Germany), the university of  Granada (Spain), Budapest University of Technology and Economy  (Hungary), Eurasian academy (Slovakia), Busan university of foreign studies (South Korea), Vytautas the Great University (Lithuania).

   The faculty of philology and world languages trains  competitive and high qulified specialists.

    We are looking forward to  talented young people  who are interested in studying foreign languages  and  want to connect their life and career with literary activity. As  the faculty of philology and world languages is the home for those who love literature.

     Today’s student is the citizen of the Independent Republic of Kazakhstan  who can  make a significant contribution  to the  development of our country.  We can say with a great confidence  that the graduates of the faculty of philology and world languages of al-Farabi  Kazakh National University  will rise Kazakhstan literature and culture at a high level. We trust in you! Trust in us too!


      Dzholdasbekova Bayan Umirbekovna, 

     Al-Farabi KazNU

    Dean of the faculty philology and world languages,

   Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciencesof Kazakhstan,

  Doctor of philology, Professor