Linguistic worldview(LWV): general characteristics, typology and analysis

On April 22, 2021 ( from 12.00 to 13.00 p.m. ) Professor of the Department of Russian Philology and World Literature, Tumanova Ainakul Bektasovna delivered a lecture on the topic «Linguistic worldview(LWV): general characteristics, typology and analysis». The purpose of the lecture was to introduce a common characteristic of LWV category. The lecture touched upon the following problems: the concept and the connection of the terms «linguistic view (LV)» and «LWV», «CWV» and «LWV»; the typology of LV and LWV; the specific features of the term «contaminated LWV»; the various LWV analysis approaches and methods. The lecture was ended with the brief information from the theses by Grigorieva I.V. (Almaty, 2020) and Temirova Zh.G. (Kokshetau, 2020). As the topics of the following theses are closely connected with the lecture topic. The large list of References for PhD and master students was recommended.