"The use of the Kazakh language in contradiction with its system and structure"

On May 11, on the ZOOM platform, a lecture by Doctor of Philology Orynay Sagyngalievna on the topic: "The use of the Kazakh language in contradiction with its system and structure" took place. School teachers from all over Kazakhstan, scholars, professors, linguists-practitioners, connoisseurs of the language such as: Alimkhan Zhunusbek, Zhaina Satkenova, Dina Alkebaeva, Aigul Ismakova, Zeinelkhan Kuzekova, Anar Ashimova joined to listen to Orynay Sagyngalievna’s lecture.

   Before the lecture, Zhaina Bagasharovna made a welcome speech and introduced Orynai Sagyngalievna. She also mentioned other lectures delivered by such outstanding scholars as: Berikbay Sagyndykuly, Guldarkhan Nurgazikyzy, Anar Bekmurzaevna, Rakysh Amir.

   Orynai Sagyngalievna began her lecture with the words of Akhmet Baitursynov: "The language of the people is counted not in centuries, but in millennia, and each people has its own system of skills."

   During the lecture, the following important issues were highlighted:

• Erroneous use of words in modern language means, mass media;

• Problems of linguoecology, when this issue was considered interesting ideas were expressed;

• Similarities and differences between Russian and Kazakh languages;

• The phenomenon of ascertaining.

   At the end of her lecture, the lecturer quoted Gabit Musrepov’s words: " The person who does not know his or her native language does not know his or her roots." She also quoted M.A. Auezov’s words, the famous Kazakh writer. Orynay Sagyngalievna made a very interesting thesis at the end of the lecture: "Speaking beautifully does not mean speaking as it is."

The meeting was ended with expressing thoughts and ideas by the scholars who were present at the lecture.