Department of Foreign Languages

The motto of the Department: The success of our students - our success!

Almaty, pr. Al Farabi 71, department of chemistry and chemical technology, block 10 room 1






Muldagalieva Aizhan Aidingalievna

Head of the chair

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent





Okusheva Gulnar Toleuchanovna

Deputy Head of Chair for Science, Innovation Activities

and International Relations

 Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent



Zhyrenshina Kulshat Auganbaevna

Deputy Head of Chair for Educational and Methodical Work, 

Senior Teacher


 The mission of the Department


The main goal of the course is the formation of the practical language competence of students, which will allow them to use English in professional activities, scientific and practical work, in communicating with foreign colleagues, and for self-education. Along with the practical goal, the course implements educational goals, contributing to the expansion of the outlook of students, raising their general culture and education, fostering tolerance and respect for the beliefs and values of people from other cultures.


Learning objectives:

- develop in students the perception of the foreign language as a source of information and a means of communication; for formulation of their own ideas and understanding other people;

- prepare students for oral and written communication in the field of professional communication;

- teach students to use a foreign language as a means of expanding and deepening systemic knowledge in their specialty and as a means of their professional qualification improvement;

- teach the correct translation and pronunciation of professional terms and specialized texts;

- develop the skills of using vocabulary and reference sources in English and performing independent creative search.


Educational-methodical activity

The discipline "Foreign Language" is a separate and complete a course that has its content and structure, and is focused on achieving European standards of competence in foreign languages ​​taken in the "Modern Languages​​: learning, teaching, assessment. Common European Framework ", the Council of Europe in April 1997.

Foreign language teaching is the active use of interactive teaching methods, which are recognized by many experts as the most effective. Educational literature includes books published by leading international publishers as "Longman", "Oxford University Press", "MacMillan", etc.

The chair of foreign languages for sciences was founded in 1959. It is one of the oldest chairs at Al- Farabi University. We teach foreign languages to students majoring in sciences. Over years the teaching staff has been working hard to combine a unique blend of tradition, quality and innovation.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our students can use the foreign language with the proficiency required to enhance their prospects in accessing better opportunities in education, community membership and employment within our country and/or globally.

Our teachers have a well-earned reputation for their commitment to promoting professional improvement. We view training professional development as a lifelong process from the first days in a teacher education program and extending throughout our carrier.

Over the past years the role of the English language in the Republic of Kazakhstan has grown so much that English language teaching has become a profession that has moved in new directions. This means new challenges and more interesting work for our teachers and students. Current emphasis in English language teaching is made on meeting learners’ communicative needs and on the shift from teacher-centered to student –centered language learning.

Our teachers have developed their own distinctive styles, and use many different materials and teaching techniques to enhance language learning and language acquisition processes.


Educational-methodical activity of the department is aimed at:

● Improving foreign language training through the use of active and interactive learning methods, new technologies and the use of teaching aids.

● Improving methodology and language teachers.

In his academic work chair guided by the following strategic principles: the successful development of students of the university program in a foreign language is achieved, provided the learning process becomes an effective learning experience with the initial level of knowledge of students in a foreign language, teaching methods and technical equipment, use of effective techniques teaching and competent teachers with high methodological and language training.

The main purpose of foreign language teaching in bachelor program at this stage of development of our society is teaching practical knowledge of everyday conversational speech and language especially for active use of foreign language in professional communication. Achieving the above objective can be called through the effective use of communication techniques, which currently is one of the leading methods of language teaching.

The main purpose of learning a foreign language in the master course is the deepening of competence in the international standards of foreign language education through the further development of skills and proficiency in the active career of the future master.


International Activity

The department is always expanding its international activity and organize training courses for teachers from other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Department of Foreign Languages for the natural faculties is closely connested with social organizations:

Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages

The US Embassy in Kazakhstan news agency

The British Council
International Section of the American education system

Department of international student exchange programs

Global Education