Globalization and language policy in Kazakhstan

As the famous Russian writer Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin said: Language is the history of a people. Language is the path of civilization and culture ... On November 18, 2020 on the ZOOM platform, Professor of Al-Farabi Kazakh National Kazakh National University, Suleimenova E.D. delivered a lecture for teachers and students on the topic: Globalization and language policy in Kazakhstan.
This day, teachers and students from all the regions of Kazakhstan, from countries of near and far abroad joined the online lecture since the lecture topic is of a great interest among scholars and philologists. Lecture by Professor E. D. Suleimenova was devoted to the impact of globalization on the society life through language. Professor Suleimenova touched upon such linguistic aspects as monolingualism and vernaculization. Much attention was paid to the language policy of the trinity of languages ​​in Kazakhstan. Professor Suleimenova E.D. emphasized that: "this language policy is an effective tool that maintains the political balance in our country, ensuring the process of fruitful cooperation between representatives of different national confessions within the country." At the end of the lecture, the lecturer answered the audience questions.