Professor’s hour on the topic “Pedagogical comparative studies: education system of Japan and Kazakhstan”

On  March 2, 2021, at 12: 00 a.m. the Professor of the Department of Russian Philology and World Literature, Ph. D. Salkhanova J. H. delivered a lecture within the framework of project: the professor’s hour. The comparative analysis of the education systems of Japan and Kazakhstan made it possible to identify common features and differences in the organization of the educational process, the mental value orientations of two nations and countries.

     Salkhanova J. H. concluded that the system of education should focus on health, culture, and general functional literacy, vocational orientation as the basis of self-identity; family and Home as the basis of socialization; justice and tolerance as a condition for the harmonious development of the younger generation, cross-cultural interaction of people.
     The participants of the event came to a common opinion that pedagogical comparative studies show that foreign experience is certainly useful. The thoughtless imitation will not certainly lead to any result. The main thing here is to understand how to use the foreign educational experience for the conditions of the given country in a rational way. When relying on world experience, it is important to avoid blind copying and denial.