Functional Grammar of Kazakh Language

On February 25, 2021, at 14. 00 p.m. The faculty of philology and world languages organized the professor’s lecture by the doctor of philological sciences, professor, Alkebayeva Dina Akbergenovna. The topic of the lecture was: “Functional Grammar of Kazakh Language". The lecture touched upon the topical problems of Kazakh linguistics, the main concepts, object of the research, goals and objectives of functional grammar formed by the new approach to language study. Theoretical material was accompanied by the examples from the literary texts. due to it the lecture was very interesting and understandable for the audience. The lecture organized by the Department of Kazakh Linguistics was attended by the Department professors, the lecturers from other cities of Kazakhstan, school teachers, PhD students and master students. At the end of the lecture professors A. Salkynbai, R. Avakova and other members of the audience thanked the lecturer for the interesting and informative lecture.