Archisillab - the sixth language unit

As the famous writer M. Gorky said: Always learn, know everything! The more you learn, the stronger you will become.
On November 25, 2020, on the ZOOM platform, a well-known turkologist, etymologist, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of Kazakh Linguistics B. Sagyndykuly delivered a very interesting and informative lecture for the students and teachers of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages. The topic of the lecture was: Archillab - the sixth language unit. On this day, famous scientists in the field of Kazakh linguistics, the former students and students from all over Kazakhstan joined ZOOM meeting to listen to a lecture by the corypheus of Kazakh philology. Before the lecture, the Department of Kazakh Linguistics presented a short video about Professor B. Sagyndykuly’s scientific and pedagogical activities.
Professor B. Sagyndykuly conducted a comparative analysis of the morphological and phonetic features of the Turkic and European languages. Professor Sagyndykuly showed the influence of the Turkic languages ​​on European languages.
The lecture aroused a great interest among the audience. At the end of the lecture, students and teachers asked the lecturer and expressed the words of gratitude for the interesting information.