Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies




Al-Farabi Avenue 71

KazNU City, housing: right wing
near the university administration, 3rd Floor

room 309/311

8(727)377-33-39 (13-23)


Karagoishieva Danel Almasbekovna

Candidate of Philological Science, PhD doctor

Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studie



Aimagambetova Mailka

Deputy Head of Chair for Research-Innovation Affairs

8 (727) 377-33-39 (e.n.13-23)

Baiyeli Assel
Deputy Head of Chair for academic affairs

8 (727) 377-33-39 (e.n.13-23)


The goal of the department: 


        The training of qualified specialists in domestic and foreign-language relations in the modern requirements and competitive specialists at the international level, translation of texts and documents in a variety of genres in the field of science, training to professionals who can assist in the formation and cross-language terms.


Types of specialties:

  • Bachelor degree (4 years)

5B021000 - Foreign Philology

5B020700 - Translation Studies

  • Master's degree (2 years)

(Scientific and pedagogical direction)

6M021000 - Foreign Philology

6M020700 - Translation Studies

  • Ph. D degree (3 years)

(Scientific and pedagogical direction)

6D021000 - Foreign Philology

6D020700 - Translation Studies

Our partners:

1. University of Nottingham Malaysia     



2.  The University of Janos Kadolanyi



3. International Educational centre "Fattah education"    

4.  People's Friendship University of Russia