History of department


Faculty of Philology  is  one of the oldest faculties at al-Farabi  Kazakh National University. It was founded   in 1937. It trains students  by a multi-level system: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate PhD.
The graduates of  bachelor program  are  awarded the academic degree: bachelor of  philology. The faculty trains  master students  in two specialties - Philology with scientific specializations: Kazakh literature, theory of literature, folklore studies, comparative literature, the Kazakh language, the Russian language, theory of language; Linguistics  with scientific specializations: Kazakh, Russian, theory of language.   The faculty trains  students   in two languages: Kazakh and Russian with the knowledge of the one of the  foreign languages.

 The faculty staff  consists of   190 professors, 3 academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 academicians of the International Academy of Sciences of  theHigher Education, 4 Honored Scientists, 1 national writer of Kazakhstan, 11 members of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, 37 doctors, professors; 74 candidates of sciences and  associate professors.

The faculty consists of 6 departments:
1. Department of Kazakh linguistics;
2. Department of Kazakh literature and literary theory
3. Department of  Russian philology  and world literature;
4. The Department of Turkology and Language Theory;
5. Department of foreign philology and translation studies.
6. The Department of Foreign Languages.

The high qualified specialists, capable of solving complex scientific and practical problems work at the faculty.The Faculty has 3 computer classrooms, 2 language laboratories, 1 Intranet classroom, the Kazakh language studyroom,  English studyroom, audioclasroom, psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic laboratory research, teaching and research laboratory of Kazakh folklore.