International Activity

International cooperation activities are carried out in accordance with the University's development strategy in several areas: educational-methodical, research, educational, social.
International cooperation of the Department contributes to the development of international scientific and educational mobility of teaching staff, improve teachers required professional knowledge. The supervising Department cooperates with various foreign universities and centers. Successfully developing scientific and practical cooperation with the Embassies and consulates of foreign States (France, Germany, USA, Greece, Turkey). The Department has international relations with a number of foreign universities and research centers from more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Forms of cooperation are different: scientific training of teachers, invitation of foreign professors for lectures, joint research, participation in foreign conferences, scientific training, co-management of doctoral students, joint work on writing applications for international grants, etc.
Within the framework of international cooperation and exchange of students under the program of academic mobility were carried out educational programs and scientific internships in:
1. Language center Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
2. University of Utrecht (the Netherlands).
3. Moscow state linguistic University (Russia).
4. The University Of Cadiz (Spain).
5. Vienna University of Economics and business (Austria).
6. Valencia Polytechnic University (Spain).
7. Hiss University. Yu Liebig (Germany).
8. University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland).
9. Joint national Committee for languages and national Council for languages and international education (Washington, D.C., USA), etc.


Scientific contacts have been established with the University. Yu Liebig (Giessen, Germany), the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Goethe Institute, Institute of linguistics. V. Vinogradov Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), Moscow state linguistic University (Moscow, Russia), Center ISTR (Chicago, USA), Magdeburg University (Magdeburg, Germany), Helsinki University (Helsinki, Finland), Maryland University (MD, USA), national research UNIVERSITY Higher school of Economics, etc.

During the period from 2008 to 2018, teachers of the Department passed scientific training abroad according to their scientific interests. So, Professor E. D. Suleimenova was trained in universities and scientific centers of the USA; Professor G. B. Madieva was trained in UCL( great Britain), Amsterdam University (Netherlands), Vienna University of Economics and business (Vienna, Austria), University of Economics and business. Yu Liebig (Giessen, Germany), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain); Moscow state University (Russia) trained Professor G. B. madiyeva, associate Professor. J. K. Ibraeva; MIST (Russia) – prof. S. B. Bektemirov, Assoc. P. T. Medetbekova; at the University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland) – prof. Section A. K., Assoc. J. K. Ibraeva; Magdeburg University (Magdeburg, Germany) – prof. Ismailova N. A. the University of Chicago (USA) – Assoc. Dosanov A. M., Vienna University of Economics and business (Vienna, Austria) – prof. Aksholakov A. Zh., senior lecturer. Aliakbarova A., Utegaliev N., Madiyeva D. B., JointNational Committee for languages and National Council for languages and international education (Washington, USA) – Assoc. Taubaev Zh, Boribaeva G., Madieva D. et al.