The doctors gave valuable advice

Recently, the Department of chemistry and technology of organic substances, natural compounds and polymers held an educational event on the topic "Tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections". After all, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections are harmful to the human body.  

Teachers of the S. Asfendiyarov Kazakh state University, candidate of medical Sciences, associate professors K. A. Omeshova and Zhumabekova A. T., as well as students of this University and the Kazakh-Russian medical university were invited to the meeting.

Students of the S. Asfendiyarov Kazakh state University conducted a quiz about tuberculosis and received gifts. Also, students of the Kazakh-Russian medical University shared their interesting materials. Candidate of medical Sciences, Omeshova and T. D. Zhumabekova addressed the audience and gave many facts that do not know the elementary number of infectious diseases. What is the danger of these diseases, what should be done to avoid catching them, provided a lot of interesting information on these and other issues.