International Scientific Conference for students and young scientists "FARABI ӘLEMI"

                                           International Scientific Conference for students and young scientists "FARABI ӘLEMI"
                                                                      (8-11 April 2019)
The Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​ invites you to take part in the International Conference of Students and Young Scientists "FARABI ӘLEMI", which will be held from 8-11 April 2019.
Students, undergraduates, doctoral students, young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and countries of near and far abroad are invited to participate in the conference.
The  abstracts of the participants are accepted until March 15, 2019.
The closing of the conference will be held on April 11, 209 at U. Dzholdasbekov Students’ Palace

Main goals and objectives of the conference are to
1)  to develop   students’ research and teaching and cognitive skills;
2) to involve students and young scientists in the solution of scientific modern problems ;
3) to reveal  students' creative abilities, select and support the most talented and gifted students;
4) to develop the students’ intellectual potential .

The conference will be held in the following areas:

► Achievements of traditional linguistics and new paradigms of linguistics in the 21st century;
► Topical problems of modern literary criticism;
► Language beyond borders;
► The language world picture and the interaction of cultures;
► Topical problems of Russian philology;
► Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages;
► State language - a language of spiritual rebirth

Working languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian, English.
All expenses related to participation in the conference are paid by the participants.
The deadline for abstract   submission in paper and electronic version is   March 25, 2018.

The students and researchers  who want  to participate in the conference should fill the application given below:
Registration form of participant:
Full name: ____________________________________________________
Place of study or work: ______________________________________________
Position (for students - course), _______________________________________
Contact phone numbers: ________________________________________________
E-mail address: ______________________________________
Postal address where you can send published materials:
Conference section: _________________________________________________
Oral presentation or poster presentation: _______________________________
Technical means required for the presentation of the report: ____________
For students - Name, degree, scientific title of scientific adviser


Conference abstract guidelines
- the abstract shouldn’t exceed 1 page;
- page parameters: the top margin is 2 cm, the bottom margin is 2 cm, the left margin is 3 cm, the right margin is 1.5 cm;
- font Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman; font size - 12pt;
- line spacing - single; indention - 1 cm; book orientation; without headers and page layouts; the text is aligned to the width;
In addition to the materials, the file should also contain information about the authors (application form for participation). The file with this information should

be named   in the following way  author.doc, for example, Ivanov.doc. The abstract should be saved in Microsoft Word format and

should be named as  author's abstractg.doc for example: Ivanov's abstract.doc

1. The   title of the abstract is typed   in CAPITAL LETTERS (in bold). The title of the abstract  should be in the center. 
2. Surnames of authors are typed   sinlge space  under the title of the abstract  in the center  in the font Times New Roman 11pt., in italics. The surname is followed by the initials of the authors.
The names of scientific advisors are centered and are typed  in Times New Roman 11pt in italics. The surname is  fiollowed by  the initials.
The affiliation, the city are centered under the name of the scientific advisor and are typed  in the font Times New Roman 11.
  Under the affiliation, the author's e-mail address is typed single-space.
  The text of the abstract is sinlge-spaced. 
The Conference Organizing Committee keeps the right to reject reports which do not correspond to the main areas of the conference and do not meet the above requirements. The Organizing Committee does not intend to edit the text. The author is responsible for the data presented in the abstract.
One author has the right to publish no more than 2 abstracts.
(!) The volume of the text of the abstract: no more than one page (avoid illustrations).
The materials received by the Organizing Committee are published in the conference proceedings.
Address of the conference organizing committee: Almaty, 050040, Almaty, Al-Farabi Ave., 71. Tel .: +7 (727) 3773339 (ext. 1321, 1332 - Head of the NIRS of the Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​Kulzhanova Bakytgul. +77017314047. Abstracts Please send to: farabi.alemi2019@gmail

The Example of the abstract




Aidapkelov S.K.

scientific supervisor Ibrasheva M.U.

аль-Фараби Al-farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty



Abstract text