Social educational work


Name of action

Competition between organizations of our faculty by student's scientific organization. All students actively participated but organization of Students Dekanate won.



2 Our dancers know how to be a star. This was big  annual festival of Nauryz by theme "Nauryz-Fest". As usual our girls were at the top.

3 Our Geography faculty got the second place between thirteen faculties in competition of "Student's spring". "Student's spring" is a big, interesting and annual competition, therefore, all students of KazNu are waiting impatiently and preparing hardly every year. We are proved that our faculty the best.

Competition between girls by organization of Sunkar. Geography faculty girls had silver medal. We proud of it.

5 Kurban Ait
6 The student's dean - Toktar Daulet
7  Football Tournament  09.02.2017
8 Graduation party 4 th year student dean's office
9  Miss Geo 2017