Social educational activity








On the 12th of November 2018 the English Club event in the frame of the project "100 books" was held. It was devoted to the life and creative work of the famous English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare. The first year students of the specialty Tourism were involved in this educational event. The students told interesting facts about the life of Shakespeare, read own translations of Shakespeare's sonnets into Kazakh, played the scene of the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" and held a quiz on the subject. 




«International cuisine»

Within the framework of the club «English through culture» on the 1.03.2018 was held a party, which was devoted to the theme «International cuisine» .1st course students of the law faculty took part in it. The aim of this party was to learn some traditions, customs and cuisine of the different nations through speaking and enlarge world outlook through English language.



February 24 (2018) teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​Kalieva A.Zh., Karashina G.T., Tleugabylova Z.A. and Orazaeva G.A. visited Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater together with the students of the 1st course of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science. That day, the Melikov ballet was staged in the theater by the outstanding ballet master Yuri Grigorovich "The Legend of Love"




According to the approved plan of the English club on November 29, 2017 in the physics department, there was an event under the project "Brighten the corner where you are" on the theme "Big Boss" dedicated to 'The first president's day by the 1st year students, group 141-143.