01.12-Day of the First President.

Timeofrealization: 4.12.2014hour17:00
Organizerofopenemployment: Advisor Beybitkhan Yerkegul
Group-IS-1 course (2a,2b)

Group-IS-1 course (2a,2b)

InformationaboutlifeandworkoftheFirstpresidentof RepublicofKazakhstan.Educationofpatrioticspiritforstudents. Necessityofincreaseofintellectualpotentialforfuture prosperityofKazakhstan.

The project "Aynalandy nurlandyr" were visiting the child'shouse.

Date: 11/22/2014

Organizers: Omarov BS, Sapakova SZ

Onaproject "Aynalandy nurlandyr" Omarov BS, Sapakova SZ with students 2and 4 courses, specialty of information systems wereaguestatchild'shouse№1, at the city of Almaty, md. Orbita-3. Inchild'shousewe listened creativity of children, arrangedthem different games and entertainment. Itwasmerrilytothechildren.After this event, students felt farmorepleasant and become more good-natured.

Orphanage №1