Volunteer movement Мұрагер

December 13, 2014 the head of the volunteer movement "Mұragerler" PhD, Assoc. PT Medetbekov and student foreigner Deven Hess, lecturer J. Kүzembekova, T. Қoңyrbekova in a specialized complex "Zhanұya" to organize the next scheduled event.

A student from America Deven Hess is going in every week to come and help students of the complex. Children are very glad this visit and took photos.


On November 8, 2013 volunteer the movements "Muragerler" at chair of the general linguistics and foreign philology organized a community work day according to the program "AYNALANDA NURLANDYR! " in "The house of veterans No. 8".

Undergraduates participated in a community work day 2 courses: Sherimkulova M., Saliyev P.; students 4 courses: Duysenbiyev A. Dautaliyeva S., Autaliyev M., Abdilda D; students 3 courses: Abdullaev D., Abilov F. Karu N, Leskhankyza B., Soltangaza F. ; and also students of 1 course of 2 groups of the specialty "Kazakh Philology".

Organizers – heads volunteer the movements "Muragerler": professor G. B. Madiyeva, associate professors: P.T.Medetbekova and Zh.M.Umatova.