About al-Farabi Center

Al-Farabi Center was established on the basis of the Republican Research and Educational Center "al-Farabi and the spiritual culture of the Kazakh people", the grand opening of which was held at the al-Farabi Kazakh national University on January 1, 1993. Thus, the Center has been carrying out scientific activities for more than 25 years. From the very beginning of its existence, the Al-Farabi Center has made a significant contribution to the development of Farabi studies and Kazakhstan science in general. Studying the heritage of al-Farabi in the context of understanding the development of Kazakhstan's spiritual culture is extremely relevant in our days.

On January 29, 2020, Kazakhstan officially launched the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of al-Farabi. KazNU named after Al-Farabi was honored to host a series of events that day, starting with the presentation of the updated Al-Farabi Center. According to the republican plan for the preparation and holding of the 1150th anniversary of Abu Nasr al-Farabi, within the framework of special projects in 2020, it is planned to create an International center for Farabi studies, which will coordinate the activities of research centers and al-Farabi museum houses, unite Farabi scientists around the world. To spread the scientific and philosophical heritage of al-Farabi at the international level, a network of al-Farabi Centers has been created in 12 leading universities of the world, and Al-Farabi House-Museums in Istanbul and Delhi have been opened. In addition, it is planned to open the same centers in the UAE, Bulgaria, Japan, Lithuania and Egypt.

The mission of the Al-Farabi Center is the formation of integral worldview values based on the study and popularization of al-Farabi's heritage, the formation of a national scientific, educational and innovative cluster on the basis of al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

The main tasks of the al-Farabi Center are:

• Conducting research activities in the field of Farabi studies, Kazakh and Turkic philosophy;

• Translation and publishing work of al-Farabi treatises;

• International cooperation and coordination of efforts of specialists from near and far abroad to preserve, recreate and disseminate the heritage of al-Farabi.

The ideological inspirer of the creation of the al-Farabi center and the first leader was an outstanding scientist, whose work on the history of Kazakh philosophy, philosophy of the East, al-Farabi’s creative studies are widely known all over the world - doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Agyn Khayrullovich Kasymzhanov.




The presentation of the Web site al-farabi.kaznu.kz was held at the opening of the year of al-Farabi in KazNU. This site is dedicated to the medieval philosopher, encyclopedic scientist Abu Nasr al-Farabi (870-950). The concept of the site is based on the idea of creating an interactive platform for non-institutional interaction on the principle of “Invisible College” of Farabi scholars, students, undergraduates, doctoral students of universities, as well as everyone who wants to get acquainted with the legacy of the great philosopher around the world.

Invisible College is translated as “The Invisible Collegium” and refers to a group of independent scientists united by common interests, interacting without the help of any organizations or institutions.

The site collects information about the 12 Al-Farabi Heritage Study Centers around the world, about the works of al-Farbi, about famous Farabi scholars, al-Farabi museums, etc. The site functions as a discussion, educational and informational online platform.

The site provides many useful links. For example, you can sign up for the online course "Al-Farabi and the Present" prepared by the Distance Education Center of KazNU named after al-Farabi. Students of the course have the opportunity to learn about the life and work of al-Farabi, about the views of the philosopher on ontology, logic, epistemology, natural philosophy, as well as about the place that al-Farabi occupies in the history of world science and philosophy. The course reveals the essence of the scientific and innovative project "AL Farabi University smart city" and shows the relevance of the socio-ethical teachings of Al-Farabi in the modern era. The course is intended for students, undergraduates, doctoral students of universities and everyone who wants to get acquainted with the heritage of the great philosopher Abu Nasr Al-Farabi.

It is planned to launch additional functions and capabilities for a more systematic and complete provision of information based on one specialized resource.