Advisors of rector

Kozhamkulov Tologen Abdisagiyevich

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Adviser of Rector

Phone: 87011117054

An Eyvgeniy Alekseevich

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Advisor of Rector on strategic development

Phone: 221-12-75, inner 1275

Естаев Амирхан Сыргалбаевич

Yestayev Amirkhan Syrgalbayevich, Advisor of Rector

Phone: inner 1360, 87014118300

The main functions of the Advisor of Rector:

  1. The implementation of the collection and analysis of information about the strategy, problems University development, the state policy in the sphere of science and education, achievements in the implementation of scientific, scientific-technical activities of the University;
  2. Preparation of analytical reports and materials on the activities of the University in terms of its areas of responsibility and competence;
  3. The implementation of the analysis of documents and materials on issues of public policy and Economics education and science;
  4. The development of the necessary suggestions and recommendations for improving and legal support of the University activities.