Academic Сouncil

Chief Academic Secretary of the Academic Council of al –Farabi KazNU

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Shaikenova Lyazzat Maratovna

Phone: + 7 (727) 377-33-33 (11-16, 11-14)

The Academic Council of the Al-Farabi KazNU is an Advisory body. The activity of the Academic Council of the University is based on the principles of transparency and collective discussion of matters within its competence.

Functions of the Academic Council are:

  • to approves the structure of the university;
  • to make changes and additions to the Charter of the University ;
  • to etermine the strategy and vision of the university;
  • to submit proposals for the establishment , reorganization and liquidation of structural units of the university (laboratories, departments, institutes, etc.);
  • to decide on all fundamental issues of organization of educational, research, international, financial, administrative and business activities of the University;
  • to hear annual reports of the rector , vice-rectors of the University , deans and heads of departments of the University of the forms and methods of teaching , research , educational, international , informational, financial, economic and administrative activities;
  • to organize the control of financial and economic activity of the university;
  • to define the procedure for the use of extra-budgetary funds, as well as areas of reinvestment of income received by the provision of paid educational services and implementation of production;
  • to identify new areas of training specialists on multilevel system of higher education , and forms of education;
  • to approve the curriculum at all levels and forms of education;
  • to consider and recommend the publication of textbooks, manuals and pedagogical development;
  • to decide on the transfer of students from the payed department to educational grant to study in the external form;
  • to decide on the appointment of a scholarship established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and scholarships;
  • to presents to the award of academic titles of associate professor and professor;
  • to consider the representation of university staff and creative teams to the state , the government awards and honors;
  • to consider other issues of university activity requiring collective decision.

Preparation, introduction and consideration of issues by the Academic Council of Al-Farabi KazNU:

 To prepare the issues on the agenda of the meeting of the Academic Council of -Farabi KazNU (hereinafter - the Academic Council

the following documents must be submitted to the Academic secretary no later than in 30 days:

1) report-presentation (in printed form and on electronic media);
2) the draft resolution.

In the case of non-observance of the deadlines for submission of required documents and materials Chief Academic Secretary maypetition the Chairman of the academic Council on the removal of this issue from the agenda.

The Academic council consists of the rector, vice-rectors, and heads of structural divisions, representatives of faculty staff, student and social organizations of the university. Its other members are elected on the general meeting of the university by secret ballot.

University administration meetings with participation of all members of governing bodies and administration, research institutes directors and departments’ heads are held every Monday. Academic Council sessions are held every quarter.

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