KazNU TOEFL Center

Since April 2020,  al-Farabi Kaz NU  has become an official accredited partner of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Global. KazNU TOEFL Center was created for the preparation and administration of the international exams in English TOEFL ITP and iBT

ETS Global, founded in 1947, is the world's largest private, non-profit educational testing and evaluation organization. ETS Global develops, administers and evaluates more than 50 million tests annually, including TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, GRE® general and subject tests, and Praxis® tests, in more than 180 countries, in more than 9000 locations worldwide.

The purpose of the KazNU TOEFL Center is to provide an opportunity for everyone to officially confirm their level of English for further study at universities in the far abroad, to participate in international educational programs in English by passing the international TOEFL ITP and iBT testing, to determine the level of proficiency in English as a foreign language. ...

The center conducts courses to prepare students, undergraduates, teachers for passing these exams. It should be borne in mind that TOEFL ITP and iBT, in fact, are quite complex exams.Obtaining a high score is possible upon reaching the Upper Intermediate level. The duration of the training will depend on the individual abilities of the applicants.


The TOEFL ITP test consists of 3 parts:

Listening Comprehension - Measures the ability to understand spoken English used in colleges and universities

Structure and Written expression - evaluates the ability to recognize structural and grammatical constructs in standard written English

Reading Comprehension - Measures the ability to understand authentic academic materials.

Center tasks:

  •  preparation and conduct of the TOEFL ITP test under an agreement with the company that created the ETS (Educational Testing Service) test;
  •  ensuring the technical readiness of the certified computer class for testing;
  •  testing administration;
  •  informing all interested parties about the center and the TOEFL test.


Director: Muldagalieva A.A., Candidate of Science, Dosent of the Department of Foreign Languages.

Contact phone: +7 7006889473, Asema