Scientists of the world about al-Farabi

«Al-Farabi has read Aristotle's "Physics" 40 times, "Rhetoric" - 200 times, «De Anima» - 100 times. What surprising products!»


«Anybody other, as the founder of East philosophy – al-Farabi» was that unknown thinker».


«Al-Farabi was not only the greatest expert on the ideas of Aristotle, but also at the same time has managed to carry out the important issue – to unite idea aristotelism with Neoplatonism, so close to ideas of the Medieval East»


«It is very difficult to find in Eastern Medieval history of science, a scientist equal to al-Farabi in depth and breadth of scientific thought and versatile encyclopedic knowledge».


«The influence al-Farabi on the subsequent development of culture, especially on culture of the people of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and the caucasus, was long and all-encompassing».


«Al-Farabi is the author of the greatest creations. The heritage of al-Farabi is boundless and varied. It made to the contribution practically all spheres of science of that time: ethics, political, philosophy, natural sciences, music!...

Al-Farabi was a remarkable mathematician, who also mastered all elements of theoretical medicine. He also wrote a large number of works on music theory. He is widely known as a composer and is the inventor of a new musical instrument ».