Student life

Educational work at the Higher School of Economics and Business organized in accordance with the concept of the educational work of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Cultural and educational work carried out directly in the classroom with students and in groups, and in their spare time. Emphasis on patriotic, educational, cultural and labor-esthetic education.

The main components of the educational work of the department designed and implemented taking into account the need to create conditions in university education for creative, competitive, intelligent person, capable of continuous creative evolution.

 For the implementation of a permanent educational work there Institute of advisers. During the academic period advisers conducted organizational, methodical and consulting work with student, aimed at assisting in the development of educational programs.


In accordance with the Plan of the faculty of educational work being versatile work aimed at:

  • - Encouraging students to activism;
  • - Promote the idea of quality education;
  • - The formation of personal responsibility;
  • - Increase active citizenship;
  • - The development of positive value orientations;
  • - Enhancing the creative activity;
  • - Development of organizational skills ;
  • - Formation of ideas about healthy lifestyles;
  • - Fostering the skills of spiritual and physical self-improvement;
  • - Create a sense of corporate community.


Educational work on faculty is carried out in the following directions:

  • - curator and adviser activity in the academic groups;
  • - work of student's scientific circles;
  • - participation in carried-out all-faculty and all-university actions;
  • - thematic watches in a faculty hostel.


According to the specified directions the faculty uses the following forms of carrying out educational work:

  • - the organization of meetings of students with the management and teachers of chair;
  • - implementation of operative control of a course of educational process and progress of students;
  • - organization of public life of students, carrying out meetings and personal meeting with students;
  • - involvement of students to participation in work of conferences, competitions;
  • - visit of thematic exhibitions;
  • - carrying out preventive work with students about criminal liability for carrying and application and full will lock on внос the cold, pneumatic weapon on the university territory;
  • - rendering of the necessary help in the organization of a life and leisure of students.



1. Department of Economics

2. Department of Management 

3. Department of Finance and accounting

4. Department of Business-technologies