Scientific and Research activities

General characteristics of scientific research work

There are 4 departments and the Center for Economic Research in the structure of the Higher School of Economics and Business. Departments: Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing, Accounting and Audit.


The main directions of the research activity of the Higher School of Economics and Business

1. The main directions of the scientific activity of the Department of Economics are the following: conducting a comprehensive analysis of the factors characterizing the regional features, the study of the features of the joint venture's business processes and the development of a system of effective organizational and economic management methods, including the economic and mathematical model for the formation of a sustainable development mechanism organization.


2. Department "Management and Marketing" researches following problems: to explore the various areas of theory and practice of managing the economy of Kazakhstan, identifying existing problems and developing ways to address them. Leaders of research in each direction are leading professors and associate professors of the department. The main effort of the department is aimed at researching important aspects of the problems of reforming the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan - managing regions in the conditions of forming an innovative economy, increasing the competitiveness of domestic companies in the context of globalization, forming a quality management system, developing entrepreneurship, marketing activities and marketing research, and in certain branches and firms of the country, etc.

            The main directions of the scientific activity of the Department "Management and Marketing" are the following:

  • conducting fundamental and applied scientific research;
  • organization, holding and participation in scientific and practical conferences, organization of round tables on topical problems of management, marketing and education at various levels;
  • participation in the development of government regulations, concepts and development strategies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • preparation and publication of monographs, textbooks, teaching aids and scientific articles in foreign and national publications, in publications with a high impact factor;
  • establishment and implementation of external relations of the department with scientific institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign countries;
  • management of the student’s scientific research work, preparation and holding of the Republican subject Olympiad in the fields of Management, GLM and Marketing, preparation of student scientific works for participation in the republican competition, conferences, etc.


3. The main directions of the scientific activity of the Department of Finance are the following: research and development of financial and economic mechanisms for the development of national economy, problems of formation of financial capital in Kazakhstan; problems of sustainable economic growth, risk management; investment management and innovation.


4. The main areas of scientific activity of the department "Accounting and Audit": the development of financial, management and tax accounting, improving the methodology and organization of accounting, audit and analysis of economic activities of organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of this direction the following scientific problems are solved:

            - development of financial, managerial and tax accounting in Kazakhstan in the context of crisis;

            - development of methods, procedures and elements of the system of internal control of economic entities;

            - improving the methodology and mechanism for assessing and monitoring financial sustainability of organizations;

            - development and improvement of methods of management analysis in various sectors.


5. The main areas of research of the Center for Economic Research:

            - Development of innovative processes: patterns, management features and performance.

            - Problems of the functioning of the national stock market.

            - Improvement of the institutional system of the national economy.

            - Prospects for the formation of a green economy in Kazakhstan.

            - Problems of monopoly and development of competitiveness.

            - Introduction of innovative forms of education.