"Center for Economic Research"


Askhat Serikbekuly

Director of the Center for Economic Research


Serikbekuly Askhat is a practicing financier and specializes in the development and evaluation of investment projects, the implementation of information systems in trade and industrial enterprises. Scientific interests - system dynamics, logistics processes, digitalization and automation, investment modeling.

Askhat Serikbekuly is an accredited EBRD consultant, Master of Finance, Academician of the  IIN, founder of UP Consulting and logistics IT startup company EZapp.kz. Currently he is engaged in training of analysts data, management consulting and IT project management.
Askhat has 18 years of experience in finance, manufacturing, IT, marketing, logistics and project management. Has developed over 200 investment projects for Kazakhstani and international companies.
Author of dozens of scientific and scientific-practical articles in the finance, logistics, information technology, business analytics and management in the world's leading publications.

Practicing mentor and investor in high-tech companies and startups.

 The goal of CER:
  • provide professional services for conducting economic research of high complexity using modern analytical technologies.


  • conduct economic research (marketing, in-house) on request for local consulting companies and real businesses.
  • organize partner economic research for universities and research organizations.
  • contribute to improving the quality of economic research in departments, centers and institutes of the University.

The center for economic research is interested in cooperation with scientific and research organizations by participating in projects on a parity basis.