Our students say

Ainur Saginbayeva

Master’s thesis Features of the analysis of investment projects in Islamic banks, supervisor – Gulmira Saparova, Candidate of economics, associate professor

In 2018, I entered Al-Farabi KazNU to study in a master program in Islamic Finance on the basis of additional grants from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Studying for a master's degree was an important stage in my life. I decided to pursue a master's degree in Islamic finance in order to deepen and expand my knowledge in the professional field. Two years of study in the status of a master's student of the Department of Finance and Accounting of the Higher School of Economics of Al-Farabi KazNU were by no means easy, but very interesting, rich and fruitful.

The master's program was structured so that we can look at Islamic finance in our country and in the world from different scientific points of view, conduct your own research in this area, and learn to apply new knowledge in practice. Today, the knowledge and skills acquired over the years of study in the master's degree help me a lot in work and in life.

One of the most memorable events during the years of study in the master's program was the opening on May 15, 2019 at the Higher School of Economics and Business of Al-Farabi KazNU, a unique scientific and educational Islamic finance Centre in cooperation with the Astana International Financial Center and the Qatari Hamad bin Khalifa University.

Later, as a master's student, I participated several times at various conferences organized by the Islamic Finance Centre,  as well as, we studied on grants in direction of training specialists in the field of Islamic finance were allocated by the initiative of Laura Kuanova, who is the director of the Scientific and Educational Islamic Finance Centre, with the assistance of the Astana International Financial Center.

I am very grateful to the teachers of the Department of Finance and Accounting Al-Farabi KazNU for the knowledge and skills that I received in the learning process, as well as to my scientific advisor G. T. Saparova, who opened for me the essence of Islamic finance, new aspects of the development of the Islamic finance in the world, which are currently the most relevant in scientific and practical activities. I would like to express special gratitude to the head of the Scientific and Educational Center for Islamic Finance, who provided support to undergraduates studying in the direction of Islamic finance for the opportunity for undergraduates to participate in international conferences in the field of Islamic finance organized by the AIFC and the Islamic Finance Centre."



Zhanar Kozhakhmed

Master’s thesis The International trends in the functioning of Islamic Finance in investment market. Supervisor – Aizhan Omarova, Candidate of economics, associate professor

 “I studied for master’s degree in Al Farabi KazNU on the basis of grant from Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, my speciality was Islamic Finance. The master program gave me an unique experience in the field of Islamic Finance. On the period of studying, I was participated several times at various conferences organized by AIFC , that gives me great knowledge and skills.”


Nadira Zhakambayeva

Master’s thesis Development of interaction between Islamic and non-Islamic institutions-stakeholders


“I am Nadira Zhakambayeva, now master in finance, very honored to be the first graduate at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Islamic Finance.  During the study period, I met outstanding teachers from the Finance and Audit Department who have very big knowledge in Islamic finance and they are all serious, responsible, humorous, and stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm.

When I was looking for a master's degree profile, it was important for me that the training was connected both with justice and with the finance. This is how it worked out with the “Islamic Finance” at the KazNU. I went to a preparatory course, where I was given the knowledge necessary to pass the exam successfully. Two years have already passed, and therefore I can say - I have not regretted my choice. The spectrum that allows you to develop further, gaining knowledge here is very wide, which is a big plus. The teachers are understanding (in matters of work) and always ready to answer any questions that we have, which speaks of the level of their professionalism in Islamic Finance.”


Aigerim Meirmanova

Master’s thesis Potential of Islamic financial instruments for the development of the investment market of Kazakhstan, Supervisor – Rimma Sagiyeva, Doctor of economics, acting Professor


“I studied master’s degree of KazNU specialty "Finance". KazNU is taught by specialists of the highest level. Graduates of our University are in demand on the labor market and are leading specialists in various companies. Therefore, the choice of educational institution for obtaining a master's degree did not cause me any doubts.

As a master's student, I can say with confidence that I chose the right University. We are taught by professionals in their field,who have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the realities of the modern economy.

The master's program gave me a unique experience in the field of Islamic Finance.”