Scientific projects and researches

Results of the competition within the framework of grant funding for scientific research for 2018-2020

in the priority area of Scientific Foundations Mangіlіk El

(XXI Century Education, Fundamental and Applied Research in the humanitarian sciences)


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Modernization of the labor market as an integral part of the mechanism for implementing the third modernization of Kazakhstan: theoretical and applied problems and prospects for their solution

The department "Management and Marketing"

Jumambaev Seisembay Karimovich






Formation and development of the digital economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan: theory and practical measures of implementation

The department "Accounting and Audit"


Natalia Alexandrovna 






Formation of effective models for financing science-intensive industries in the Republic of Kazakhstan 

Center for Economic Research  









Scientific projects and researches for 2015-2017

Direction of the scientific project Project title Head of project Period Contacts
1 The intellectual potential of the country Estimation of total factor productivity of industry in Kazakhstan Bordoussov Oleg Vladimirovich 2015-2017
2 The intellectual potential of the country Prekarization of employment as a fundamental theoretical and practical problem in the context of including of Kazakhstan in the number of the 30-es highly developed states of the world Dzhumabayev Seisembay Karimovich 2015-2017
3 The intellectual potential of the country Improving the competitiveness of the national economy on the basis of the effective implementation of industrial policy Dulambayeva Raushan Tlegenovna 2015-2017
4 The intellectual potential of the country Research and forecasting of real interdependence of financial and socio-economic indicators of Kazakhstan and other countries in the context of the Eurasian economic integration Mukhamidiyev Bulat Mintaevich 2015-2017
5 The intellectual potential of the country Innovative mechanisms of modernisation of the system of state local administration and self-government are in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtarova Karlygash Saparovna 2015-2017
6 The intellectual potential of the country

Development of the knowledge-based economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan: theory, methodology, practice

Sagieva Rimma Kalymbekovna 2015-2017
7 The intellectual potential of the country Sustainable development of innovative high-tech industries based on the use of the concept of open innovation Sadykhanova Gulnara Amangeldievna 2015-2017
8 The intellectual potential of the country Influence of entry of Republic of Kazakhstan in Worldwide trade organization on innovative development of agriculture Sansyzbayeva Halima Nurymovna 2015-2017
9 The intellectual potential of the country Improving energy efficiency in Kazakhstan during the transition to a green economy: theory and practical implementation measures Tleppayev Arsen Moldagalievich 2015-2017
10 The intellectual potential of the country Institutional modernization of social and labor relations in Kazakhstan in the transition to a new technological order Tulegenova Madina Sakenovna 2015-2017



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Economic Research Consortium


Monetary policy and stock market volatility

2015 г. –

5000$ USD


PhDIshuova ZH.SH.


Assessing the impact of monetary policy on the economic stability of the country. Review and compare this figure in the context of developing countries.

2 MES RK The development of "green" economy in the regions of Kazakhstan: potential, trends and prospects 24 million. tenge
2015-2017 Doctor of Economics, acting prof. Sagieva RK Russia The project aims to develop a system of institutional and economic methods and instruments of influence on the ecological and economic processes in the regions of Kazakhstan to ensure their gradual transition to a "green" economy.