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Is a leading professional educational training center for professionals in the field of international journalism and PR


History of the department


         Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and mass communication started its work in 1993.Among its competences there were training of international journalists, journalists for foreign media outlets, publishers, as well as employees of diplomatic embassies and representatives of information services. For the first time, under the guidance of well-known domestic and foreign teachers, the department switched to teaching in English.

The UNESCO Chair, founded in 1996, made an important contribution to the development of the faculty as an international research center. The journalism standards of UNESCO form the basis of the educational program of the faculty.

Due to the high market demand for specialists in the field of media, advertising and management, workers for media organizations of the media of Kazakhstan, as well as for other spheres of public services, in 2001 the Department of Media Management and Advertising was created. From September 1, 2010 the department was renamed the department of public relations and advertising.

The UNESCO Chair, International Journalism and Public Relations was created by combining the departments of media management and advertising, international journalism and UNESCO in 2011. This contributed to the strengthening of the scientific potential of the department and confirmation of the status of the research university.

The specialty “Public Relations” received a certificate of academic quality from the International Accreditation Agency FIBAA (Foundation for InternationalBusiness Administration Accreditation, Germany).

5B051400-“Public Relations”, 6M051400-“Public Relations”, 6M051600-“International Journalism” specialties are the first in the rating of the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (NARA) and the Independent Quality Assurance Organization (NCAO) in 2015-2018.

The department trains specialists in the field of "Public Relations" and "International Journalism".


5В051400 - "Public Relations"


6М051400 - "Public Relations"

6М051600 - “International Journalism”

To provide students with information on current trends in the PR market in Kazakhstan, the department organizes annual seasonal PR schools (autumn, spring, summer). 


Head of the Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and mass communication – NazgulTursynbaevnaShyngysova, Professor,Doctor of Philology.

Deputy Head for Teaching and Educational Work of the Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and mass communication – KulayimSeytnurovnaMamyrova,Senior Lecturer

Deputy Head of Scientific and Innovative Work of the Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and mass communication, AbayAytmukashevichSaduakasov, Senior Lecturer

Composition of the department

Leading professors, doctors, associate professors, candidates of science, teachers who are experienced and highly qualified work for the department and train future professionals.

Mission Department

The department provides training for highly qualified specialists-confident users of the most modern technologies and who possess the competencies and practical skills demanded in the labor market of international journalists, PR managers, image makers, producers, press secretaries in the media market, government, political, social and business structures